Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Stress Busting

There are some major changes coming for this little family of three in the next month or so and as a result we're all a little bit stressed out at the moment. House-hunting, job-hunting and finding childcare is taking up nearly all of my time and has left me with very little energy to do much else. Quick and easy dinners fill out tummies most nights, hardly any sweet treats have come out of my oven and blogging once again went out the window.

I also took a brake from my crochet projecst and didn't pick up a hook for nearly a week. I tried to keep going with my mini hexagons, but found them too fiddly and frustrating for my current state of mind and they have ended up in a box under the bed until further notice. Sorry fellow Tuesday Tallies folks! Happily my fingers did start to itch for yarn and hook again after a short while and I dug out all of my left over balls of Double Knit. The pile of happy colours did what it always does and immediately brought a smile to my face.

I jumped in without too much thought and started with a granny square and just kept going. The mindless, repetative pattern of treble clusters was exactly what I needed to relax my mind and is the perfect stress buster. Picking a new colour to join in after each round requires nothing more than a snap decision and my blanket is growing at a very happy pace.


We still have a crazy month or two ahead of us, with too much to do in too little time, but I'll keep my bag of yarn within close reach for when it all gets too much.