Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Lazy/ Busy

In a country where the predominant weather condition is Rainy, we have been pleasantly surprised with a really gloriously sunny summer so far. The days have been long and hot and we have been enjoying every possible second of it.

Our new town is a lot closer to the coast and we have been exploring some of the gorgeous seaside towns that the UK have to offer. Devon is quickly becoming one of my favourite places and I can easily see myself settling down in one of these little towns by the sea.

On the days that P has to go to work, Little T and I have been soaking up the sun either in the park or in our tiny back garden. All sorts of water related shenanigans is our main occupation and of course eating lots and lots of ice creams and summery, fruity desserts too :)

During quieter moments, when Little T will happily play with his toys on the grass, I have been busy emptying my big bag of cotton yarn.

This Drops yarn is still one of my favourite yarns to crochet with. I simply adore the bright, jewel like colours, how beautifully defined the stitches are and how silky smooth and soft the yarn is to work with.

I started making a hexagon blanket, but as the days got hotter and the blanket got bigger, I found that it was just not the best thing to be working on. So I turned my attention to making some more cushion covers, starting off with a fan patterned one.

 The good thing about taking on a small project like a cushion is, that before you know it, you're done!

It even gave me the opportunity to add a block or two to my blanket on the odd cooler evening, so that is growing nicely too :)

Another thing I discovered about making cushion covers, you can't make just one... and soon I was busy making a corner2corner cover.

This one was even faster to make and after just a few hours of garden crochet, another cushion was done!

Thanks to my cotton craze, my window seat is beginning to look like a very inviting place to cosy up with a good book once the warm weather goes, don't you think.

As you can imagine, my yarn bag is very nearly empty now and has (for the moment) been put back into the cupboard. Not before I made one last little thing though, a very vintage looking tea cosy for my lovely Mum-in-law.

This little gift is now packed in my suitcase, along with a few other essentials, ready and waiting for us to jet off to Poland for a couple of weeks. More about our little holiday when we get back xxx