Monday, 9 December 2013

Christmas in Colour

There is no escaping the fact, Christmas really is only two weeks and two days away, and personally I can't wait :)

I love the build up and preparations that go along with Christmas and thoroughly enjoy getting the house to feel more and more festive as the big day comes closer. This has been especially true since having Little T, as Christmas is just so exciting when seen through the eyes of a child, reminding you of what really makes this time of the year special.

Last Christmas was a slightly stressed and rushed affair with us making the big move from London to the countryside, and I didn't have much time to make too big a deal of the decorations. This year though is a whole different story :) This year I want Christmas to be as bright, colourful and happy as possible, and so I got started nice and early on some lovely Granny Twinkle stars to hang around the house.

These starts have their own bit of magic. They start out all curled into themselves, looking like fallen leaves. Then with the help of a few pins, a can of Spray Starch and a bit of patience, they become happy, pointy little stars!

I made eighteen in total, each a different colour and have hung them, along with some tiny, shiny baubles, on the shelves in our living room. I have to admit that I am very much in love with this slightly quirky garland.

I also wanted to add some colour to my rather traditional red and white Christmas tree decorations. I bought some more colourful baubles, but I had bigger plans than that.

With inspiration from blogland, I made a few big eyed owls and jewel coloured birds to hang in the branches of our tree.

The pattern for this little guy and his other owly friends can be found on the lovely blog Hopscotchlane and they are an absolute joy to make.

The little birdies are my interpretation of Lucy's, filled with toy stuffing and they make me and Little T smile every time we look at our tree.

I have a few more colourful ideas floating around in my head, but more on that on a later date :) First, I have to go bake some of my Festive Cookies!