Thursday, 20 November 2014

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Is it just me, or is there a lot of crochet popping up on television these days. I find myself spotting beautiful blankets all over my favourite shows and I have to say it does make me happy to see it, every time. It does also make me want to crochet a lot of new blankets, but that's not necessarily a bad thing now is it :)

One blanket that really caught my eye belongs to Dee Reynolds, part of the gang from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". It is a very vintage looking blanket, a ripple pattern, most definitely using a v-stitch. After seeing it on my telly for the umpteenth time, I decided that this is the blanket that will make it from my screen to my living room. Thanks to the wonder of the Internet I found an almost identical pattern in a matter of minutes and had ordered some very special wool from the fabulous people at Wool Warehouse.

Although this is a very light weight wool, it is really surprisingly warm and snugly and just so gorgeously soft to touch. I wasted no time at all and got stuck into this project as soon as the parcel came to my door.

 Within a mere four weeks, my blanket was complete! Just in time for the drastic change in weather.

I was very tempted to leave this blanket border-less, but then thought that maybe a simple little edging will be just the finishing touch to make this great blanket perfect.

It may not be an exact replica of Dee's blanket, but then I never aimed for that anyway. I took inspiration from somewhere new, adjusted it to my own taste, and in the end I have a blanket that I absolute love and adore. Just the thing to curl up under when watching my favourite shows, looking for my next project to jump out at me :)