Tuesday, 30 October 2012

TV Shows and Tuesdays

I must admit that I am somewhat of a television addict and do spend many hours watching cooking shows. I have several shows that I will not miss for anything in the world and I (im)patiently wait for them to grace my screen every year. One of these shows is the Great British Bake Off and I tuned in every Tuesday night for my weekly fix since it started back in September. Each episode would fill my head with recipes and ideas to go and recreate and yet by the time the next episode came on, I hadn’t gotten round to making anything. By the time I had watched the final, cheered as the winner was announced and started to feel the void left by Sue, Mel, Mary, Paul and all of the bakers I still hadn’t baked a single thing from the show. Surely this had to be rectified straight away.


The one cake that had caught my attention more than any other over the weeks was Mary Berry’s Fraisier Cake. It was so beautiful and elegant and looked absolutely divine. I simply had to make it, or rather my version of it. I had to take into account that the strawberries available to me were less than appetising, that my fridge offers only very limited space and most of all that I have a toddler seeking my full attention most of the day. This meant that I used the much better looking and tasting raspberries that I found, made only half the amount of crème patisserie stated in the recipe and then to finish it all in Little T’s nap time, made a straight forward processor sponge cake, skipped the “line a cake tin with acetate” stage and completely forgot to put the marzipan disk on top. I know that this cake would not have been received well by any judge on any baking show, but then that’s the beauty of baking at home. At least I baked something rather than just watching others doing it and all three of us really enjoyed eating it, so that’s got to count for something :)

Having sated my need for baking, I felt more than happy to go back to watching some more of my favourite shows. I do however have to keep my hands busy at all times, and have therefore started to crochet these gorgeous little hexagons from the leftover yarn of my ripple blanket. I’m still not sure what it will grow into, but I’m thinking it will make a great Tuesday Tallies One a Day Project.


I will let you know next Tuesday if I have decided what this is going to be and if I have made any progress with. Right now though Little T wants to build a Lego house, I have a sink full of washing up to do and my one and only surviving pot plant really needs a bit of water!


  1. I too love The Great British Bake Off, your cake looks delicious !!!!!! I'm loving your little hexie's, gorgeous colours. Deb x

  2. That cake is pure perfection! How could you ever cut into it and ruin its beauty? Well...those raspberries would do it for me...forget temptation and dig in...lol.

    I adore the little hexies and cannot wait to see what you do with them.

    Hugs from Holland ~