Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Country Living

Even after living in the UK for nearly eleven years, I am still often blown away by the beauty that the English Countryside has to offer. People travel far and wide across the globe to see spectacular sights, but sometimes you can be very pleasantly surprised at what there is to see in your very own little corner of the earth.

Over the weekends, we try to get out and about as much as possible and try to see as much of our new surroundings as possible. A couple of weekends ago this led us to the gorgeous New Forest in Hampshire, a place that still truly feels wild and untamed. Although it was very wet and muddy after all of the rain we've had over the last several months, it was an extremely enjoyable day out, with some awesome views all around.

Luckily the sky stayed blue for the entire day and with the sun on our faces and our backpacks full of snacks we set off to find the wild horses that roam around this forest.

We walked for miles and miles that day, trying to see more and more of this stunning place, but in the end we had to call it a day and return home when the sun started to dip below the horizon. There is still much of the forest that we weren't able to explore that day, so I am certain that we'll go there again soon.

Luckily for me though, coming home doesn't mean that I am stuck in a big city any more and the countryside is just a stone's throw away from me now. So, on a day like today, when the sun is shining bright in a clear, blue sky, I can just jump on my bicycle with Little T on the back and head down this lovely little country lane.

Within minutes I am in open fields, covered in buttercups and heading towards a little forest that's on top of a very steep hill.

Along the way I was able to indulge in one of my greatest little pleasures, dandelion seeds!!!

There's nothing quite like fresh air, open space and some exercise to keep a toddler happy, Little T had the biggest smile on his face the whole day. Then again, it may just have been because he got to wear his new Lightning McQueen hat :)

Oh, and of course because of all the little lambs we saw along the way!

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  1. It's so pretty there and it looks like you had a lovely day out in the country. Your little guy is getting so big now! I love his hat. :)