Thursday, 31 July 2014

Because I'm Happy

I was recently tagged in one those FaceBook chains where someone nominates you to post something on your status and then to nominate others to do the same. This particular chain required the nominated person to post three positive things each day for four days running. I was really taken aback by how hard I had to think to come up with a measly three things that were positive on my first day and this got me thinking. Why is it so easy to focus on the negatives, the things that make us unhappy, all the little problems in our lives instead of the good and positive things around us. All too often I find myself feeling down and low, worrying about things that in the big scheme of things just aren't that big a deal and getting into a right funk because of it. These few days of having to look for the positive things in my day, noticing little happy moments and writing them down has been a wonderful reminder that life is beautiful and that happiness can be found in the smallest of things.

Believe it or not, but one of the my positives this week were these peaches. These "doughnut" peaches are only around for a few weeks each year and when I saw them sitting on the shelf of my local store they immediately made me smile. Not only are they the most delicately sweet and juicy peaches I have ever tried, but they hold very precious memories of my mum's visit to the UK last year. Each time I eat one, it makes me think of my mum and just like that I feel happy and positive.

Once I started looking for the good things in my life, it became easier and easier to find them, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. Like how the sun comes through the lead glass window of my front door when we come downstairs in the morning.

It is something that has always been there, right in front of my eyes nearly every day for the last five months, and yet I have never really appreciated it, as I'm usually worrying about the seemingly endless list of things that needs to get done that day. However, this morning I truly noticed it for the first time, basking in the multicoloured light filling the hallway and allowing myself a few moments to just feel happy about it and not to worry about anything.

In my new happy state of mind I wanted to share with you a few pictures from our lovely weekend in one of my most loved places, Brighton. Not only is this wonderfully eclectic and bohemian Regency gem of a city, with its quirky shops and colourful locals an absolute joy to be in, but it too holds a plethora of memories of long lost friends and much loved family.

When the sun is out, like it was this weekend, Brighton can get full to the point of bursting and finding a spot on the pebble beach can be nigh on impossible. Luckily we know of a beach just a bit further down the Sussex coast where there was hardly another soul around, where I was able to find happiness in the beauty of the sea and its destructive nature.

Little T was also in a very happy place as he finds endless joy in stones and pebbles. It is something he shares with my mum and I loved watching him as he picked up pebble after pebble, "oohing" and "aahing" over their colours, shapes and textures, sharing this happy moment with me.

 He found a couple of large pieces of white chalk too, something he was very excited about as he discovered that he could draw on our patio slabs with them yesterday. I was busy with some boring household task when I heard his delighted shouts from the garden, calling for me to come and see what he has done. Not wanting to let such a precious moment pass me by, I grabbed a stone too and spent a glorious hour drawing simple pictures with my son, marvelling at his magical imagination and just being happy :)



  1. What a great post! I need to do this myself. It really is so much easier to focus on the negative, the endless 'to do' list and not enjoy the little things. :)

  2. This is such a lovely post. I really enjoyed the beach and city photos in Brighton. I've never tried a doughnut peach because they're always so expensive. They look lovely though and I'm glad you enjoyed yours.