Monday, 19 January 2009

The Neglected KitchenAid

This morning, after I had my usual breakfast of porridge with dried cranberries and runny-honey, I was suddenly overtaken by the urge to bake something sweet. I started going through my kitchen cupboards to see what I could make, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted my dust-covered KitchenAid standing mixer.

About a year ago I decided to treat myself to a Christmas present and ordered the mixer on the Internet. I still remember how giddy I was with excitement, I could not wait for it to arrive. When I got it, I could hardly control myself and ripped open the packaging. I marvelled at the gleaming white machine that stood in front of me, and immediately started going through my recipe books for ideas of things to make with it. For weeks afterwards I was still on cloud nine as I mixed, creamed, kneaded and baked batch after batch of cakes, cookies and breads. Unfortunately as with all things in life, the initial excitement wore off and I started using it less and less.

However, this morning after reminiscing about those first few weeks together I suddenly felt inspired to take it out of the cupboard and make my favourite cut-out cookies. I got out the eggs, butter, sugar and flour and started creaming, mixing and enjoying myself again. As the kitchen filled with the smell of the baking cookies, I could hardly keep the smile off my face. Once they were cooled and iced, and I sat down with a cup of coffee to enjoy the results of the morning's efforts, I felt like I had just caught up with a long lost friend. Who says you need a new gadget to make you happy?

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