Friday, 30 January 2009

Obama and Americana

With the recent inauguration of the new American President, Barack Obama and the constant news coverage of his first week in the Oval office, it seems that all of us have spent some time reflecting on America's past and future this week. For me that naturally led to thinking about the American cuisine and it's contribution to the culinary world.

For most of us, when thinking about American food a picture of a cheese burger and fries will most likely come to mind. However, the American cuisine is a wealth of diversity and creativity, each state contributing with it's own unique style and flavours. Most of the major cities now boasts with Michelin starred restaurants, many of which are producing internationally recognised, talented chefs.

To celebrate this new era in American history, I decided to incorporate some classic American dishes into my weekly menu, all with a modern twist. I started the week with a deliciously creamy spoonbread. A classic cornbread mixed with creamed corn creating a soft and sweet accompaniment to honey glazed sausages and a pea-shoot salad. Next I served beautifully grilled plaice and steamed vegetables with a classic cheese and paprika sauce. By mid-week I created my own American inspired turkey and leek pie, encased in a buttery, crumbly pastry. I ended off the week with one of my all time favourite American inventions, the choc-chip cookie. To give it a new and exciting twist, I added some rolled oats and dried cranberries (another American favourite of mine) to the mix.

Biting into the delightful little cookie, sipping my cup of Americano coffee I gave a satisfied salute to the American cuisine and started thinking about my next culinary adventure.

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