Monday, 20 August 2012


I don't own an alarm clock any more as I can be guaranteed to be woken up by either Little T or P before I am quite ready to get out of bed, most days. But early on Saturday morning I was delighted to find myself being woken up instead by brilliant sunlight, finding both toddler and husband still in dreamland beside me. I took my chance and very quietly got up, got dressed, grabbed my camera and sneaked out the door for a rare bit of "me-time".

 This time of the day holds a certain magic for me, the nearly empty streets, the quiet yet teeming with life surrounding woods, the birds singing their morning songs. I savoured it all as I walked around, taking pictures, the sun rising higher in the sky and everybody starting their day. It truly was a little bit of indulgence.

When I got home, P had already dressed and fed Little T, ready to go to the local park and playground while I got to go and spend an hour at the hairdressers, getting pampered and beautified. Another rare indulgence for me:)

By lunch time, we were all happy to be back together and headed to our favourite pub's beer garden for some cool and delicious refreshments. We spent a wonderfully enjoyable afternoon sitting in the sunshine, while Little T happily played with his cars on the grass, and every so often wandered off to chase a passing dandelion seed. This was turning out to be a very indulgent day indeed and what better way to end it than to bake a truly indulgent cake...

 Nigella Lawson is the queen of indulgence and this very easy, very delicious cake was the very obvious choice. Ready in no time, I topped it with swirls of butter-cream icing and a heap blackberries and we wasted no time before we tucked in. The smile on my face still hasn't completely faded away :)

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