Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Life in TechniColor

I have always lived life in Technocolor. If you look through photographs from my childhood and teenage years, I am always the one wearing the bright yellow shorts, red t-shirt or blue hat or even all of these at the same time :) When I was allowed to redecorate my bedroom when I was 17, I painted my walls lime green and turquoise and got bedding to match. When I bake cupcakes, the icing has to be pink, yellow or blue and nowadays when I buy toys for Little T, it's the more colourful the better!

You can therefore imagine that when I walked into my local yarn shop last week and saw a shelve full of the brightest, most colourful balls of Rico Creative Cotton yarns, I nearly fell over my own feet trying to get to it and could not stop myself from filling my arms with as many colours as I could hold.

I am busy turning this box of colour into a little granny square throw to brighten up our grey sofa and I am loving every moment of it. How can you not love such a colour explosion! How can you not want to live life in Technicolor :)

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  1. It's not just me then, hurrah!....just finishing a bag with Rico Creative Cotton...only 6 colours but you just can't help but smile at the colours. Looking forward to seeing your blanket. Fiona