Monday, 16 July 2012

Make your own sunshine

Summers in the UK are not known for being brilliant, but this year the weather is truly dismal. I can hardly remember what sunshine looks like and all my other shoes are getting jealous of my Wellies for getting taken out every day. These permanently dark and dreary days are really starting to get to me and I find myself sulking around the flat more and more. Something has to be done about this, and as I have no control over the weather I had to make another plan.

A decadent chocolate treat is sure to lift my spirits. Make that my extra special, intensely chocolatey, super gooey brownies and you won't be able to wipe the smile off my face. Just melting the chocolate and butter already made me feel better and by the time I was sinking my teeth into the end result, I had already forgotten about the weather.

As you can see, they went down so well that no picture was taken of the finished product, but you can see one here if you want. And before you even ask, no I didn't eat everything by myself!

My chocolate high didn't last as long as hoped though, so I turned to my box of colourful yarns for some replacement sunshine and hooked up this lovely little hat, complete with a few of Lucy's May Roses.

It probably won't be very good for going out with in the rain, but my blue mixing bowl is modelling it rather nicely until the sun comes out again.

Yesterday I got the biggest cheering up of them all, my sweetheart of a hubby bought me new kitchen shelves! This may seem a bit strange to you, but trust me these few planks of wood made my year. For many years now I have been slowly building a collection of gorgeous bowls, plates, jugs and cake plates. But due to living in a small London flat with limited cupboard space most of these delicate things were safely wrapped up and stored away. Once P had skilfully put them up for me, I spent a wonderful, happy evening taking everything out of their protective wrappings and displaying them for me to admire and use as I please! I am in kitchen geek heaven :)

There still hasn't been any improvement in the weather, but I am most certainly in a much better mood today. Little T is happily playing at my feet while I make these adorable little hearts to decorate my wonderful new shelves.

Here's to you all creating your own happiness :)


  1. So true...when all else fails do some baking and hooking, I resorted to blogging a bake too today! Is the pattern for a child or adult hat, must confess I would make one for myself if they do it in adult sizes, is the pattern on rav? Great post, and lovely to peek into your life. Fiona x

    1. Thanks for stopping by Fiona:) The original pattern is for a child, but I adapted it to fit me. The pattern is on Rav, I'll have a look for it and pm it to you on there