Monday, 23 July 2012


After my little rant about the bad weather last week, the sun has decided to make amends and we have been basking in glorious sunshine all weekend.  This is what we have been waiting for and not wanting to waste even one minute of this sunny goodness we spent every possible minute just being outside. Happiness!


The setting sun and a very tired Little T did make us head back indoors again at the end of each day, but that didn't stop me from carrying on with this sunny theme. Dinner was a cool and refreshing mix of salads, French cheese, cold cut meats and pitta breads and ended with a bang with a (large) slice of my "Sunshine Cake".

A lemon drizzle cake base, covered in sweet, sharp and mouth-droolingly delicious lemon curd. A second round popped onto that, making the curd ooze out and over the sides. Top that with a generous amount of very cold, lightly sweetened whipped cream and quarters of bright red, juicy strawberries and you have yourself a treat to make the perfect end to the perfect day.

I did have to fit in a little bit of crochet to make this already amazing weekend even better and feeling rather adventurous I took on something I have never attempted before, Amigurumi. I have been admiring these adorable little crochet critters for a while, and now I finally have one of my own! My little bunny is in no way perfect, but I love her even more for it.

The sun is (unbelievably) still shining out there and as we have been promised that these hot and sunny days will last all week, I intend to enjoy every single moment of it, so...
Watch This Space :) 

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  1. Isn't it great...have had 3 hours of sun today as I went up to Cumbria on Sunday to help my parents move...sun came out at Sandbach Services on way home this afternoon, properly in Birmingham! I fancy making a rabbit like yours..think the pattern I have seen is bigger, thanks for the inspiration, at last crocheting outside under a nice shady tree or parasol! Fiona x